2017 (13 XII), 20,000 Bolivares (P-99c) - Venezuela

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Issued on : 2017-12-13
Face Value : 20,000 Bs. - Venezuelan bolívar
Cf. : World Paper Money P-99c
Printer : Casa de la Moneda Venezuela (Venezuela) - CdlMV
Description : Serial # prefixes: B, C, D. || Simplified 3-mm wide windowed security thread with "BCV", denomination on || obverse not in OVI || Dark red value numerals
Signatures : Ramón Augusto Lobo Moreno (President) & Sohail Hernández Parra (1st Vice president).
Alphabet - series : C96534011

2017 (13 XII), 20,000 Bolívares (P-99c) - Venezuela

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