Another aspect of daily life in the Third Reich was charity collections. The WHW ( Winterhilfswerk | winter charity work ) , was the largest , covering the Third Reich with both a national and regional collections . The VDA ( Volksbund für das Deutschem im Ausland | Peoples Association for Germanness overseas ) also had their own charity collections . The VDA was originally a means for Germans living abroad to keep in touch with culture back home . It started off as the DSV ( Deutsche Schulverein | German School Association ) on the 13.V.1880 , operating out of Wien ( Vienna ) , but by 1925 had become the VDA , operating out of Berlin . The VDA\'s donation badges usually centred on aspects of German culture and history . This particular collection was called Städtewappen auslandsdeutscher Städte ( Town coats of arms of German expatriate towns ) , and were distributed between 1934-1939 . They measure 30mm x 15mm , and there were 54 made of metal , 3 made of cardboard .